Monday, September 14, 2009

What is the Oneness Blessing ?

The Oneness Blessing, known as deeksha in India where it originates, is one way that the Divine is reaching out to mankind at this critical time in man’s evolution. It is a special gift of grace that accelerates the process of awakening from the dream of separation into the reality of Oneness.

Oneness Blessing
• The Oneness Blessing is an act of energy transfer from a Oneness Facilitator to a recipient either by touch or by the power of intention. The blessing is generally given by the Blessing giver placing their hands on the recipient’s head for 30 seconds to several minutes. It can also be given just through the power of intention, allowing many people to receive it at the same time.
• The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational experience that transfers physical energy, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with those we love, with ourselves, with strangers and with our creator.
• The Oneness Blessing initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain. There are 16 centres in the brain responsible for definitive experiences like sensory perception, emotions of jealousy, hatred, fear, compassion, love, joy, separation, connectedness, creativity, learning, etc. Oneness Blessing results in the activation of certain centres and the de-activation of certain other centres thus bringing about a shift in the perception and experience of life.
• The Oneness Blessing is also found to help in the healing of the body and in the discharge of repetitive emotional patterns, resulting in greater ease and comfort with oneself.
• In relationships it enables a greater sensitivity and connectedness with the other, freeing you from the limitations of your judgments and conditionings.
• Success and prosperity begins with consciousness – a capacity to expand your horizon of thinking and an understanding of the universe around you, the principles governing you.

Why Oneness Blessing?
Opens the doors of consciousness
Awakens Intelligence
Enhances memory retention
Increases ability to learn
Takes you into alpha
Creates better hemispheric synchronization
Brings love to relationships
Heals hurts
Increases listening
Helps experience the other
Awakens compassion
Instills affection
Infuses vitality
Heals the body by healing the mind
Improves metabolic activity
Relaxes the body
Helps build love and appreciation for the body
Invokes auspicious energies
Creates a prosperity consciousness
Removes blocks that hinder success
Makes possible a mental frame for abundance

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